Anchor-type plastic seal

(Tiếng Việt)

  • Nguyên liệu: PP/POM
  • Tổng chiều dài: 66 mm
  • Chiều dài sử dụng: linh hoạt (đáp ứng theo yêu cầu sử dụng)
  • Độ chịu lực: phụ thuộc vào dây niêm phong kèm theo
  • In logo: dập nổi hoặc laser trên vòng đường kính 12 mm
  • Vùng in: 7-8 chữ số
  • Màu sắc: theo yêu cầu


Anchor-type plastic seal

Anchor-type plastic seal is a high-quality and cost-efficient sealing solution for all kinds of meters. Compact design,  Anchor-type plastic seal is used with sealing wire which produce variety of using length. 

It is suitable for widely applications such as post service, oil & gas industry, concrete & cement, transportation, airlines,…

Depend on customer’s using habit, customer can optionally choose one of 3 similar products:  Anchor-type plastic seal – L4, Anchor-type plastic seal – L2, Twist lock Plastic seal

Seals should be stored in original box away from direct sunlight and chemical fumes.  Store at rom temperature (22-27°C)

Product description:

  • Material used: PP/POM
  • Total length: 66 mm
  • Using length: depend on requirement
  • Tensile strength: depend on sealing wire
  • Logo Printing: embossed or by laser ray
  • Print area: 7-8 digits code
  • Color: Available in a range of plastic colours.


  • Packaged in: 10 pcs/ small bag, 1.000 pcs/ big bag, 5.000 pcs/carton. The inside serial numbers also attached on each bag and carton